Release date: Released • Available on App Store

Sheriff Academy

Long time ago in the wild west, there was no law and order. Bandits, robberies and gunfights where on the daily order, until Sheriff Academy opened.

The Sheriff Academy is a training park where you learn to handle your revolver, train your reflex and differ the good from the bad. So every year the best gunmans gathered to become the sheriff. But only the best of the best could pass the academy. Are you skilled enough to become a sheriff? Join the Sheriff Academy!

▸ Accelerometer and Touch controlled fun.
▸ Different environments including Town, Mexico, Coal Mines and Indian Village.
▸ Wild west weapon arsenal including the revolver, Winchester rifle, double barrel shotgun (with aiming down the sight), the awesome Colt gatling gun and more.
▸ Different combos.
▸ Online leaderboards (OpenFeint).
▸ Full retina graphics support.
▸ Universal App (iPhone/iPod/iPad)

Enroll in the just opened Sheriff Academy, and see if you got what it takes to handle the scum of the Wild Wild West!