Release date: Released • Available on App Store

Donald in Magicland

„Donald in Magicland“ is a classic platform game set in a stunning fantasy enviroment. Attractive graphics, memorable characters and an unforgettable adventure will immerge you into hours of quality gameplay.

The plot revolves around Donald, the little wizard, who sets out to save princess Laura, king Harold’s daughter and sole heir. Laura has been kidnapped by the dark wizard Ronald and taken to his castle far away from Harold’s kingdom. Now Donald has to cross great distances, discover new lands and battle multitudes of mystical creatures sent before him by Ronald, all in an attempt to save Laura and restore peace in his kingdom once again.

Lead Donald on his epic quest to find Laura and travel through 13 beautiful hand-drawn, high-res levels, filled with magic and danger. 15 different kinds of opponents will stand in your path, but be mindful – some of them migh in fact help you on your way. Defeat mighty Ronald in an epic end-game battle and make a name for yourself in the history of Magicland!


  • Retina display support.
  • 13 hand-drawm levels.
  • 15 different enemy types.
  • Epic end-game battle.
  • Various in-game features

Classic action platformers return in style, with „Donald in Magicland“.