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DAM ili NEDAM Jaffa Cakes

Enter the irresistible world of delicious Jaffa Cakes and test your skills trying to win awesome prizes!

This game has it all! You will be able to test a multitude of skills: physics, strategy, aiming, jumping, flying and climbing! Before you play the online game, perfect your skills practicing with an offline version of the game you can find in a special packaging of Jaffa Cakes you will be able to get in all bigger supermarkets in the ex-Yugoslavia area.

The aim of the game is pass levels and collect as many points possible in order to win daily prizes. You can also win the big prizes if your score is high enough!

It is very simple: finish each level in order to move on. You have a limited number of lives per level and if you spend them all, simply buy more lives in the game store using codes form Jaffa Cakes packaging. Along with lives, you can buy a magic potion that multiplies the score in the level by 50%. Scores in the game can be shared with friends on Facebook.

We were contacted by an advertising agency to create and develop a game for a cake manufacturer in Serbia. The game has 2 avatars and 7 levels: 3 levels per avatar and a final level (not included in the offline version).

Levels for avatar 1:

  • Move boxes to feed a hungry customs officer with delicious Jaffa Cakes
  • Remove obstacles to feed a dragon with Jaffa Cakes
  • Fly a dragon through various obstacles and collect Jaffa Cakes that give him energy

Levels for avatar 2:

  • Climb a wall with obstacles while collecting as many Jaffa Cakes as you can
  • Jump over a  dangerous river and collect as many Jaffa Cakes as possible
  • Escape crazy scientist’s lab with as many Jaffa Cakes as you can carry

Final level:

  • Finish the game in the Cake factory where you will be able to gather more delicious Jaffa Cakes than you ever thought possible

Once you have finished all levels, share your results and wait to see if you won daily prizes which include free codes for the game. And in the end, the highest scores will win big prizes!

Following the success of the game, we will release sequels in the near future.

Try and play it!